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Usb c Connector 6Pin

USB C Connector 6Pin,  USB type c connector Right Angle SMT Tab Power Charge 3A female Socket

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Type-C connector, USB Connector Type-C supports positive and negative insertion, 5A high current,10G transmission speed, and other characteristics, it has been widely used in various electronic products, mobile phones, chargers, wireless charging, Bluetooth headsets, various consumer electronics, and home appliances. 

InsulatorHigh-temperature plastic UL 94V-0
Current rating5.0A Max
Voltage rating20V DC max
Dielectric withstand voltage100V AC
Contact resistance40 Millionhm max
Insulation resistance100 Megohms min
Mating force5 ~ 20N
Unmated force8 ~ 20N after test
Durability10,000 Cycles