How to choose a high-quality wireless charger

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How to choose a high-quality wireless charger

What are the problems with 3in1 wireless charging in use?
1. The charging speed is slow. Wireless charging is slower than wired charging due to the limitations of the technology itself. Moreover, in use, if there is interference from other wireless signals, it will affect the charging speed.

2. Heat problem: Wireless charging is charged by the magnetic field generated by electronic waves, so a certain degree of heat will be generated during use, and the charging stand may overheat when it is poorly designed or used for a long time.

3. Compatibility issues: Some wireless chargers are not compatible with some chargers and cannot be charged properly, and may even damage the charger.

4. Charging distance problem: The charging distance of current wireless charging technology is generally short, and if the
distance between the charger and the device is too far, which will affect the charging effect.

5. safety issues: for example, the use of poor quality wireless chargers, such as short circuits, overvoltage, and other situations
can cause damage to the charging fertilizer, and can even pose a threat to personal safety.

These are the problems we will encounter in daily use, as a factory, DHongtai is how to solve these problems

15W 3in1 Foldable Wireless Charger
15W 3in1 Foldable Wireless Charger

1. slow charging speed: optimize the circuit design of the charger, and use a more efficient charging chip to improve charging efficiency, one of our 3in1 vertical magnetic wireless chargers, is the choice of the market’s best Beltran program, the chip is powerful and compatible. On the other hand, consumers should choose high-quality certified chargers and charging cables to ensure that the charging speed to a reasonable level.

2. Heat problem: use better heat dissipation materials, increase the number and size of heat dissipation holes, consider ensuring sufficient heat dissipation during design, and it is recommended to control the charging time during use to avoid excessive heat generation. The problem of heat dissipation has always existed in the field of wireless charging, and Dhongtai has been working hard to improve the product design. The latest model is DHT-X1, which has heat dissipation holes on the back and bottom of the product, which is a good solution to the problem of heat dissipation

15W Foldable Wireless Charger
15W Foldable Wireless Charger

3. Compatibility issues: When developing and designing, we consider the versatility and compatibility of the charger, and test and verify different brands and models of devices to ensure that the charger has sufficient compatibility to avoid causing damage to the charging device. Regarding the choice of product solutions, we have been using well-known brand chips to do the solution, Yingji Core, Fu Manchu Electric, etc., their chips are certified by Qualcomm QC2.0 QC3.0, and the market application is very mature.

4. charging distance problem: optimizing the frequency and power of electromagnetic waves, improving the induction distance of the charging base, and improving the reliability and convenience of charging so that users are more convenient with wireless charging.

5. Safety issues: choose to use qualified charging chips and components, and strictly test and inspect the safety and reliability of the products to ensure that the charger meets a number of safety standards and specifications, and conduct effective quality control to ensure the safety and stability of the charger products. At the same time, the charger should also be regularly maintained and upgraded to keep it in good working condition.

If you as a consumer or dealer how to choose which

1: Choose a wireless charger with higher power and better charging efficiency to meet the demand for fast charging, but the price is also relatively high.

2: Choose the right charger according to the use of scenarios and needs. If you need to use it for a long time in a high-temperature environment, it is recommended to choose a charger with better heat dissipation performance.

3. Consumers can know the brand and model of their own charging equipment and charger compatibility in advance to avoid incompatible or damaged charging equipment as far as possible.

4. consumers can choose the right charger according to the induction distance of the charger to avoid the inconvenience of using a charger that is too far away.

5. consumers can choose the brand charger after the quality supervision and safety certification to ensure the safety of the use of the charger. At the same time, do not use the charging interface mismatch or inferior chargers to prevent safety hazards.

3 In 1 Folding Magnetic Wireless Charger 15w Fold Fast Charging Stand
wireless charger 15w factory

Dhongtai as a professional consumer electronics provider, has been providing quality products, each product is well-tested before leaving the factory to ensure that customers receive intact products, and we provide one year of after-sales service, so you can rest assured that the choice. Welcome to customize, and provide OEM.

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