How to find a professional wireless charger factory

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How to find a professional wireless charger factory

With the progress of technology, cell phone features and performance the better and better, in order to stabilize the battery life, the battery is also designed to be larger and larger, in order to enhance the battery life, some manufacturers have adopted a dual battery design, but still can not solve the symbiotic problem of life and portability, in the case of capacity can not be increased, cell phone manufacturers began to shift the goal to the wired fast charging above, in the time of the rapid progress of wired fast charging A part of the manufacturers began to develop both convenient and beautiful wireless fast charging based on the requirements of some users, eventually forming a new wireless charging industry cluster.
The Al Rihla, the official ball of the 2022 World Cup, which means “journey” in Arabic, has been a big hit at the Qatar World Cup because of its high-tech additions. sealing, stability. The domestic Shenzhen Line 14, on the other hand, has moved wireless charging to the subway, making it more convenient for people to travel and replenish electricity while reducing the use of a large number of wire harnesses and helping green travel and carbon-neutral development concepts.
Wireless charging technology has emerged since the introduction of the iPhone 8 and has been widely promoted for its ability to efficiently use trivial time and reduce cable use. The wireless charging market has exploded, not only in smartphones but there is still a lot of room for wireless charging in vehicles, smart homes, and other markets. However, the wireless charging industry is still in the early stage of development, and there are countless wireless charger products emerging in the market. Only those products that meet the user’s habit and high quality can stand out in the market, and high-quality wireless charger products need professional factories to produce, so as to ensure the quality and quality of their products, and Dhongtai is one of the professional wireless charger factories.
Established in 2012, Shenzhen DHongtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. It specialized in manufacturing all kinds of Wireless chargers, USB chargers, and power supplies. The certificates we acquire include CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO9001- 2008& ISO14001- 2004. Our main product. Laptop Power Adapter for all notebooks, wireless chargers, and mobile phone chargers. We’re committed to providing immediate product support and excellent customer service, and a 24-month warranty, supplying OEM/ ODM, with an Area of Production of 1500m2/ Total Workers of 150+/ Daily production of 30000+, Every product has gone through strict testing. The product quality is safe and reliable.

15W wireless charger station
15W wireless charger station
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