Wireless chargers in the process of using the heat problem

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How to solve the Wireless chargers in the process of using the heat problem

With the development of wireless charging technology, new products are emerging, and multifunctional wireless chargers are even more popular. However, in the process of use, customers will also encounter various problems, especially the problem of product heating when charging, for the problem of heat. As a professional manufacturer of wireless chargers in China, we continue to improve in the research and development process, such as increasing the heat dissipation holes,  as follows using USB-IF certified USB C connectors, improving the charger solution, using high-quality electronic components, and striving to make the product better.

wireless phone charger
15W 3 IN 1 Magnetic Wireless Charger

If you order a wireless charger, the following points are important to note.
1. Try to choose high-quality wireless chargers and charging pads, which have better design and manufacturing quality, which can improve charging efficiency and also reduce heat generation. The wireless charger produced by Ding Hong Tai has passed the FCC, CE, and other certifications, the product is safe and reliable, and you can rest assured that the purchase.
2. If the device is fully charged, please unplug the charger in time and avoid keeping it idle on the charging pad for a long time to avoid long time charging, do not let the device sit on the charging pad for too long, which can reduce unnecessary power consumption and heat generation.
3. Clean the charging pad and the phone surface. If there is dust or dirt on the charging pad or phone surface, it will affect the charging efficiency and also increase the charging heat. Use a cleaning cloth or brush to clean the charging pad and phone surface every now and then.
4. Place the charger in a well-ventilated area and do not place the charger in a package or a clip. The charger will heat up during operation, and if you place the charger in a confined space, it will intensify the heat generation. Therefore, placing the charger in a well-ventilated place or directly on the desktop can better dissipate heat.
5. If you find that the charger or charging pad is abnormally hot, stop using it and contact the after-sales service to solve the problem, so as not to cause more serious consequences.

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